Sunday, June 12, 2011

Equality....something that is always hard to grasp

While lack of sleep tried to stop me from church this morning, I DEFEATED THE DEMON! Haha! But no seriously, I tried to sleep last night but couldn't seem to complete the task until around 6am. I then awoke at 9am to get ready for church. Which I'm glad I forced my tired self out of bed. The message was definitely something to think about. First off HAPPY PENTECOST SUNDAY! case you didn't know.

Today's service was all about equality. How no one is better than any other to share God's word. No one is better equipped than another, as long as you trust in God to lead you in the right direction. Some may have formal training in the matter, but to God, we are all equally capapble to spread the word. Hmm.... There are so many times in life we think because others have the better choice in words and more outgoing personalities or what not that they are better able to spread the message...but really we are all here to spread His word. So.... therefore hasn't He equipped us all the same? I think so... just different! Haha (I love making statements like that, those that slightly don't make sense, yet they do!--just did it again) We are all equipped equally, yet we all have different gifts to use to share God's message. While one friend may be able to use their deep knowledge of scripture to spread the word, another friend is able to use music and lyrics to get the same exact message across. See we are all EQUALLY equipped to spread the LOVE of God. We just do it in our own unique, special way! No one is better than you to do it! It's kind of cool to think about!

On another note, the sermon also made me think about equality in a different light.... in life. In life we often look at those around us and think: "They are prettier than me", "They are smarter than me", "They are more outgoing than me", "They are richer than me", "They are skinnier than me", "They are a better athlete than me", etc. The list goes on. We are constantly comparing ourselves to everyone around us. When to be honest we are all equally the same. In God's eyes we are all beautiful just the way we are! We are all unique just the way we are. In God's eyes we are all EQUAL. He made us specifically to be the way we are. Therefore no one is better or less than our neighbor. It's not about the "STUFF" (and I don't mean just material things) it's about US and how we use the gifts and talents God has blessed us with to better serve Him. We are perfect as is, no tweaking necessary.

It's weird to think that in God's eyes I'm just as beautiful as some supermodel on the cover of a magazine, or bright enough to be loved just the same as some rocket scientist. It's a lot to grasp, but when you let it sink in...WOW! He didn't design us to compare us to His other creations.... but to use us for His good and to love us just the same! THE SAME!

All in all it was a good day! Good message! :)
A great perspective to take into the world as I will soon attack that! (yikes)

No matter how low you may feel, remember to God-YOU ARE PERFECT! In His eyes, you are just ENOUGH!

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